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Diving Specialties

From $150 USD

Take your diving skills to a new level and go beyond Open Water or Advanced! There’s a wide range of diving specialties you can learn, each of them exciting and unique in its own way.

You can choose to master wreck diving, excel in a strong current, learn how to search for lost objects, or even survive during a zombie apocalypse! (Yep, that’s a real thing…)

Available Specialties

For many divers, Open Water certification is enough and they are satisfied with it. But for those of you with a sense of adventure, keen to explore and experience everything the underwater world has to offer, there is much, much more!
Diving into a different situation, learning new techniques, exploring new depths, and gaining new skills can be exhilarating! Our world-class team can teach you things you never even dreamed about!
Some of the specialties available at Barefoot Dive Center are:

Deep Diver Specialty

Wreck Diver Specialty

Drift Diver Specialty

Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty

$330 USD

$495 USD

$240 USD

$225 USD

Enriched Air Diver (Nitrox) Specialty

$240 USD

Underwater Photographer Specialty

$225 USD

Emergency Oxygen Provider Specialty

$150 USD

More specialties available upon request!

Minimum Certification

Advanced open water. Any certification agency.

Types of Specialties

Deep, Wreck, Drift, Nitrox, Peak performance buoyancy, Underwater Photography, Emergency Oxygen Provider

Group Size

maximum of 5 people per instructor. 


1-4 days.

Speciality Dive Gallery

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