Diving Specialties

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Take your diving skills to a new level and go beyond Open Water or Advanced! There’s a wide range of diving specialties you can learn, each of them exciting and unique in their own way.
You can choose to master in wreck diving, excel in strong current, learn how to search for lost objects or even survive during a zombie apocalypse! (Yep, that’s a real thing…)

What do I need to know?

What will I see during the dives?

I want to know more

For many divers, Open Water certification is enough and they are satisfied with it. But for those of you with a sense of adventure, keen to explore and experience everything the underwater world has to offer, there is much, much more!
Diving in different situation, learning new techniques, exploring new depths and gaining new skills can be exhilarating! Our world class team can teach you things you never even dreamed about!
Some of the specialties available at Barefoot Dive Center are:

Deep Diving 

Learn how to venture deeper underwater, explore the depths of the ocean and understand how to stay safe in this unnatural environment.

Navigation Diving

Never get lost again! This skill will ensure you have a good understanding of where you are underwater, what to do if you lose your way and how to use the tools you have to find your way back.

Wreck Diving

Tragic ship accidents or purposeful sinking of marine, air or land vessels become an underwater theme park for divers to explore! Discover the wonders of wreck diving and add a whole new layer to your dives, learning about history, and visiting places only a handful of people have been to.

Drift Diving

The currents of the ocean are the lifeblood of the marine environment, transporting nutrients across oceans and keeping the reef system alive. However, for divers, they often present a challenge when unprepared. Learn how to master the currents and enjoy your dive even when the current picks up.

Breathing Nitrox has plenty of benefits, allowing you stay longer underwater, emerge fresh from your dives and decrease your risk of decompression sickness. This quick and easy certification is a must for every diver!

Search and recovery

There’s a good reason why many ill-intentioned people hide evidence and other things underwater. It’s pretty easy to lose stuff in the vast ocean. This specialty will teach you invaluable skills of how to find things that have been lost underwater, whether by accident or on purpose.

Peak performance buoyancy

Nothing is more important to a diver than buoyancy. Nailing that perfect buoyancy allows you to enjoy your dives much more, find interesting critters, get closer to marine life, take photos underwater and more! This specially will give you the skills you need to take your buoyancy to the next level and plenty of time to practice it.

Underwater naturalist

Diving allows us to get closer to nature than any other topside experience. The ocean is teeming with life, some more common and familiar and some completely alien and bizarre. Learning more about the fascinating marine environment makes diving a whole lot more fun!

Underwater Photography

What’s the point of it all, if we can’t share our incredible underwater adventures? Taking photos underwater allows you to share your marine encounters with friends and family. It makes you an ambassador of the oceans, helping you spread the word of ocean conservation and show off the amazing sights you are exposed to underwater.
We’re proud to host the Cozumel Underwater Photography School, in which a professional underwater photographer will guide you through the technical and artistic elements of creating stunning underwater imagery.

More specialties available upon request!

Minimum Certification

Advanced open water. Any certification agency.

Types of Specialties

Deep, Navigation, Wreck, Drift, Nitrox, Search and recovery, Peak performance buoyancy,  

Underwater Naturalist, Underwater Photography

Group Size

maximum of 5 people per instructor. 


2-4 days.


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