Try Underwater Photography

$175 USD

This course will give you a taste of the wonderful world of underwater photography!

No camera required! We will supply a high-quality compact camera and housing for you to use and explain everything you need to know about it.

What do I need to know?

What will I see during the dives?

I want to know more

The course includes a 1hr theory class, explaining the basics of underwater photography – color loss, camera settings, lighting, filters, marine life behavior, composition, etc.
During the class, you will learn concepts that are relevant for any camera you will use in the future, as well as specific controls and settings for the camera you will use during the ‘Try Underwater Photography’ dive.

After the dive, you will receive all the photos you shoot with a free video on how to edit them at home.

Bonus: You will also receive 5 professional photos of yourself shooting underwater, taken by your instructor during the dive.

The dive site we will visit is a shore dive, known for an abundance of species such as pufferfish, lobster, rainbow wrasse, spotted stingrays, moray eels, blennies, arrow crabs, banded coral shrimp, sea horses, frogfish and more!

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Minimum Certification

Open water diver.

Course Includes

  • Underwater camera rental. 

  • 1 shore dive.

  • Theory class. 

  • Photo instructor. 

Group Size

maximum of 4 people per instructor. 


4 hours.